Super Short Twisters

► Black Bugs Blood

► Abominable Abdominals

► Sushi Chef

► Topeka Bodega

► Three Free Throw

► Lovely Lemon Liniment

► Peggy Babcock

► Are our oars oak?

► Girl gargoyle, guy gargoyle.

► Toy boat. Toy boat. Toy boat.

► Quick kiss. Quicker kiss.


Short Twisters

► A big black bug bit a big black bear, made a big black bear bleed blood.

► Many million men are married in the month of May.

► Will you wait for Winnie and Willy the way we want you to?

► When the wicked witches whisk switches, which witch’s whisk switches swiftest?

► For F’s without effort, say “Fee, fie, foh, fum, fee, fie, foh, fum.

► I grieve to say your V’s vastly vexing.

► Thus they themselves seethed and writhed.

► Nine thousand, nine hundred, and ninety-nine nuns entertained in an Indiana nunnery.

► Robert’s proper friends recently wrote a very rude report.


Bonus Points

To sit in solemn silence
In a dull dark dock
In a pestilential prison
With a lifelong lock
Awaiting the sensation
Of a short, sharp shock
From a cheap and chippy chopper
On a big black block.